Returns Processing

Improve the bottom line with cutting-edge reverse supply chain solution

Manage returns centrally from across all channels

Improve operational efficiency by enhancing visibility across reverse supply chain

Free up people and warehouse capacity through automation

Minimize shipment cost and wastage with real-time decision making

Process Returns Flexibly and Nationwide

Use our returns processing tools in-house or leverage our partner network of shared returns centres and returns pickup logistics to reduce returns management and logistics cost.

Standardize Return Process

Configure the solution to customize returns process flow as per your business requirement. Manage returns from across all channels through a single interface.

Free up Resources

Free up your teams and warehouse capacity by automating returns validation, claims and disposition while reducing returns processing time to focus on

Eliminate Revenue Leakages

Eliminate unwanted returns and associated logistics cost by identifying invalid, mismatch and fake returns at the origin itself

Enhance Data Visibility

Gain real-time insights, prescriptive analytics along with item level visibility across the returns lifecycle to support your decisions

Improve Vendor Claims

Eliminating invalid returns at the origin and expedite claim approval through automated and configurable workflow.

Explore Remarketing and Returns Initiation along with Returns Processing to realize the full benefit of Blubirch’s end to end reverse supply chain solution

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