Returns Remarketing

Maximize the revenue from returns with our intelligent Remarketing engine

Increase the speed and value of recovery from returns

Protect brand perception and avoid channel conflict

Drive sustainability by ensuring reuse instead of landfill

Enhance transparency and compliance

Leverage Multiple Channels

Auto-route items to your own value outlets, secondary marketplace or Blubirch’s B2B (B4Traders) and B2C (B-Maxx) channels for maximum recovery.

Bulk Liquidation with B4Traders

Managed B2B liquidation service

Protect Brand

Sell to curated resellers on Blubirch’s managed platforms or on white-labelled customized platform.

Enhance Visibility

Get complete visibility of buyers, channel and realization with web dashboard.

Free up Management Time

Save efforts of finding and managing secondary market buyers or executing secondary inventory sales transactions.

Pay on Success

Pay us pre-agreed percentage from realized value aligning our incentive with that of yours i.e. higher and faster incentives benefit both.

B2C Liquidation with B-MAXX

On invitation platform

Avoid Supply Chain Conflict

Sell inventory to curated set of customers through a password protected platform.

Drive Sustainability

Ensure returns end up in the hands of user instead of landfill.

Improve Realization

Enhance revenue recovery by selling directly to the end users.

Decommissioned IT Assets Disposition

Certified and Trusted Partner

Reduce E-Waste Generation

Grade decommissioned items to segregate re-sellable items from e-waste.

Manage Transparency and Compliance

Track journey of each decommissioned items and maintain a centralized information repository for future reference.

Maximize Revenue Recovery

Drive higher recovery through a larger pool of used IT assets bulk buyers on our platform.

Explore Returns Initiation and Returns Processing along with Remarketing to realize the full benefit of Blubirch’s end to end reverse supply chain solution

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