Highly Flexible, Comprehensive & Integrated solution covering every touchpoint of reverse supply chain

A comprehensive and integrated SaaS solution with no upfront cost and covering complete returns process for enhanced customer experience, intelligent reverse supply chain management and multi-channel re-commerce.

Returns Initiation

Delight your customers and channel partners and enhance retention rate through a hassle free returns process.

Returns Processing

Improve the bottom line with cutting-edge reverse supply chain solution


Maximize the revenue from returns with our intelligent Re-Marketing engine.

Unlock value at each step of the return process

No Upfront Cost

Align your cost to benefit by paying for processed units.

Reduce Unsold and Returns

Minimize unsold inventory through realignment and customized markdown pricing. Eliminate unwarranted returns at the source to reduce inflow and logistic movement.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Optimize and automate complete returns process in an omni-channel environment to reduce execution time and effort.

Intelligent Remarketing

Multi remarketing channel support for speedy and optimal recovery with enhanced compliance.

Gain 360-degree View

Combine your customer experience, in-company returns processing, external stakeholders and remarketing to get a single view for effective decision making.

Seamless Integration

Easy to connect with ERP, CRM, POS, Data files etc. using API and wide variety of connectors

Alerts and Analytics

Timely alerts and prescriptive analytics to enable proactive execution.

Automate Disposition Triage

Eliminate revenue losses from human errors and process leakages during returned item disposition.

End to End Traceability

Enhance item level tracking and individual accountability Throughout the return's lifecycle.

Customizable Returns Processing

Customize the workflow without any code change to meet the business requirements and remove low value-added tasks.

Multi-Device Support

Operate the solution using web, mobile phones or HHD.

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